Create your own Auto-Invest Plan
Regularly invest in cryptocurrency with a pre-determined amount and accumulate your crypto holdings
Start creating your Auto-Invest Plan
Pick a coin you want to invest in, decide your investment amount and schedule a recurring plan.
Enjoy the Auto-Invest plan while earning passive income
Once invested, you can receive daily earnings from Simple Earn and redeem your funds any time you wish.
Auto-Invest allows you to automate crypto investment and earn passive income. It is a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy. You can choose the cryptocurrency you want to purchase on a regular basis. Your purchased crypto will be automatically deposited into your Flexible account, so you can earn passive income with your investments.
Wealthmark Pay currently supports more than 40 cryptocurrencies.
If you have enabled the [Use Flexible Balance] function, when the balance in your Spot Wallet is insufficient to cover the Auto-Invest plan purchase, the system will automatically redeem the assets from your Flexible plans to complete the purchase. If you don't enable the function, the purchase will fail. The system will try to make another purchase on the next Auto-Invest date.
There is no maximum limit to the number of Auto-Invest plans you can subscribe to.
You can go to [Wallet] - [Earn] and click [Auto-Invest Plan] to view your plans. To pause or resume a plan, toggle the button under [On/Off]. To stop a plan permanently, click [Remove Plan].