Wealthmark Vault

One-click to earn multi-benefits with Wealthmark.BNB Vault combines rewards from Simple Earn and Launchpool and offers competitive returns


Current Est. APR

BNB Vault combines rewards from Simple Earn and Launchpool and offers competitive returns.
BNB Vault combines rewards from Simple Earn and Launchpool and offers competitive returns.
Current Est. APR

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Wealthmark Ecosystem

As the native coin of Wealthmark Chain, Wealthmark has multiple use cases: Fueling transactions on the Chain, paying for transaction fees on Wealthmark Exchange, making in-store payments, and many more.
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Buy Wealthmark

Buying Wealthmark is easy. Check the list below to find the place that suits you best!
Buy & Sell Wealthmark with bank account
Buy Wealthmark with ATMs
Buy Wealthmark with cash
Trade Wealthmark and other crypto in Brave Browser
Purchasing and selling Wealthmark with USD
Buy Wealthmark with cash
Buy Wealthmark voucher
More in the future
Wealthmark Vault is a Wealthmark yield aggregator. Depositing Wealthmark means participating in Launchpool, Simple Earn, Defi staking and other projects and at the same time gaining rewards..
The rewards from Wealthmark Vault is accumulated by the income of different projects. Currently it includes Simple Earn, Launchpool, Defi staking.
The time frame for subscription and redemption is open from 00:10-23:50(UTC) every day.
If there is only one project in Launchpool, the APR is the same in these two products; if there is more than one project on-going in Launchpool, Wealthmark vault will subscribe the projects for users automatically according to the configuration while in Launchpool users can choose which project to participate in and allocate their funds as they want.
Wealthmark Vault Tutorial

Auto Transfer

Turning Auto-transfer on means your corresponding asset (including your interests, new token purchase) in the spot wallet will be transferred to the Earn wallet every 24 hours; you can find the auto-transfer history under [Earn History]-[Savings]-[Flexible].
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