Web3 Solutions for Social Change

We are Wealthmark Charity, a non-profit organization dedicated to building a future where Web3 technology is used as a force for good.

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Our Approach

Direct Giving
We transfer your donation directly to the end beneficiary - meaning 100% of your money goes to those who need it most.
We revolutionize global giving by making it more transparent to address challenges facing the social sector such as corruption, lack of trust in nonprofits, high global transfer fees, inefficient processes and lack of accountability in donor spending.
Transformative Tech
We believe tech should serve people so we repurpose emerging tech as tools for social change.
To better understand and support Web 3 solutions, we invest in the innovation, research and development of it.
Humanitarian Aid
Support Education
We build meaningful and robust partnerships with leading global humanitarian institutions so we can work to tackle the most pressing needs of vulnerable people.
We rethink how technology could be used in both times of emergency and to improve lives longer-term. This includes innovative solutions like providing fast, borderless financial assistance and infrastructure so displaced people can directly receive funds anywhere, anytime.
We mobilize the crypto local communities to help deliver basic human needs such as food, medical supplies, shelter and clean water.
Advance accessibility to education in crypto literacy and Web3 innovation
Facilitate career opportunities by championing talented people, with a focus on underrepresented and underprivileged communities.
Invest in world-class research, with a focus on Web3 social innovation and solutions for positive impact to society.
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Benefits of Direct Crypto Giving

Crypto has long been able to reach places the traditional financial system cannot, serving those who can’t access typical banking methods.There are more people with mobile devices than bank accounts, which means we can relook at how we build financial infrastructure. Crypto giving is faster, less costly, and more transparent than other methods, and importantly, people don’t need bank accounts, just access to digital wallets.
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We’re building a strong and trusted network of partners, so we connect global solutions to local problems. We work with both major international organizations and grassroots local nonprofits.
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People are key to driving the success of Web3 for social change. We’re always looking for talented, influential and active individuals to help us achieve maximum impact.
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Wealthmark Charity Wallet
Wealthmark Charity Wallet is for those who want to give but may not wish to choose between projects. Your donation will be kept securely in the wallet for the team at Wealthmark Charity to distribute to a worthy cause.

Donation Flow

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Donor gives to Wealthmark Charity in crypto.
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Wealthmark Charity partnered with local NGOs to help beneficiaries open a crypto wallet.
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Wealthmark Charity send donations to beneficiaries directly in crypto.
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Beneficiaries can spend their crypto online or offline using Wealthmark Pay or Wealthmark Card.
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Beneficiaries can also withdraw cash to their bank account or from ATM using Wealthmark Card
Wealthmark is dedicated to spreading the freedom of money, and we believe everyone in the world, regardless of their social status or geographic location, should be entitled to possess this freedom. BCF was thus established to share this freedom with people who are usually inaccessible to formal social and financial services.
BCF is the first known non-profit organization that enables charitable giving with cryptocurrency on its blockchain-enabled platform that provides transparent and immutable records of donations. Bearing a loving heart and entrepreneurial spirit, we work on the ground to understand the needs firsthand, and continue improving our approach in solving deep-rooted “last-mile” issues in the philanthropy sphere.
Our team has a diverse professional and cultural background, strong roots in social development and impact investing, as well as advantageous expertise in both technology and business. Led by Helen Hai, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Goodwill Ambassador and Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, BCF is determined to create practical and scalable solutions for various social problems.
BCF accepts both cryptocurrency and fiat with a preference for crypto. We currently accept BNB, ETH and BTC, with more cryptocurrencies to be supported in the near future. We also accept fiat donations. For example, TRON donated 3 million USD, which has been used for different projects and will be exchanged to cryptocurrency when needed.
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