Government Law Enforcement Request System

For Government and Law Enforcement Agencies only

Welcome to the Government Law Enforcement Request System (LERS). Government and law enforcement agencies can use this system to submit information requests. Wealthmark will review each case and cooperate on a case-by-case basis to disclose information as legally required, in accordance with our Terms of Use and applicable laws.
Please submit your inquiry on our new Law Enforcement Portal. For global law enforcement agencies, please use the following link: . For law enforcement from China, you can use the following link: . After clicking the link, you will need to register on the platform. After registration, you will be able to submit your requests, keep track of your cases, and access all relevant information.
If you have an exigent request, please make sure to mark your case “Exigent” under the legal process type and we will process it immediately. Note the portal only works in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
Additionally, be aware that agency verifications submitted with the use of VPNs will not be completed.
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