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Why Build with Wealthmark Cloud?


Your exchange shares Wealthmark’s liquidity.
As the world’s leading digital asset exchange by real trading volume, Wealthmark’s orders account for >50% market volume on the majority of listings.


Your exchange is protected by Wealthmark.
Wealthmark’s cutting-edge security and risk management ensures your users’ funds are safe.


Your exchange runs smoothly when it matters most.
Wealthmark’s matching engines stand up to stress even at peak trading times.


Your exchange, your style, your tokens!
Independent operation with self-service for coin listing and content management

Getting Started



We’re always ready to discuss your business needs, including KYC & compliance, type of exchange, and features needed.


When you apply, you’ll send us your domain name, branding materials, and other specs so we can start building.


While we get your product ready for launch, you can log in to the dashboard to add your trading pairs, marketing banners, and more.


Your product is online! We’ll be by your side to help you get up and running.

Trade Anywhere

Management System

Including coin management, risk management, user management, financial management, etc.

Spot Trading

Share the market depth and liquidity with Wealthmark; Support for new coins listing; Provide trading API.

Fiat Trading

Support trading between fiat currencies and crypto currencies.

Futures Trading

Margin mode; Long and short order; delivery contract and perpetual contract; Leverage support up to 125 times.

Quantitative Trading

Provide market making solutions to improve the liquidity for your exchange.

KYC Solution

Professional KYC solution, which protects the platform from financial crimes and risks.

Risk Control

Separation of hot and cold wallets, user behavior monitoring.
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